The current crisis is rewriting the marketing playbook. Here's how we're helping you succeed.

Marketing solutions to COVID-19

Online Arranger


  • Save time on clients that need less contact and free up time to spend with other
  • Increase at-need commitments 
  • Reduce your costs and increase margins 
  • Allow your families to plan from the safety of their home
  • Get more business from out-of-town clients
  • Collect more money upfront

Give your families the ability to arrange online from the safety of their homes. Learn more about how Online Arrangers save you time and add value to your business.

COVID-19 Facebook feed


  • Show your community your attentiveness with an active Facebook feed
  • Reach families with sensitive, appropriate content
  • Be a guiding light of hope in your community

Subscribe to our COVID-19-sensitive Facebook feed for posts curated specifically to resonate with your community during the pandemic. Information, resources, tips for coping, dealing with grief, and words of encouragement offer hope and posititvty to your communities.

Google Ads


  • Let families know about your funeral home without content promotion
  • Increase your at-need cases
  • Utilize an alternative channel to Facebook for pre-need campaigns during a sensitive time

Reach your families through our Google Ads that offer an additional advertising channel during COVID-19. Google Ads allow you to share information about your funeral home and reach an audience with actively looking for your services. 

Get started with Google Ads today

Increased email marketing


  • Reach your community in an additional way
  • Send reminders to your families regarding on-going adjustments to policies
  • Be consistent in your marketing message with scheduled emails
  • Share messages of hope and information through a private channel

We offer email marketing for your funeral home to share with your email list. Reach your families in a new way through updates, resources, and support during this COVID-19 pandemic.  

COVID banners on websites and Facebook


  • Save time by reducing calls from families asking about updates
  • Keep the public informed about mandatory policy changes
  • Make appropriate changes to policies quick and easy
  • Reassure families you are still there for them in their time of need

Banner alerts on funeral homes' websites and Facebook pages share pertinent information with your community. Keep your audience up-to-date with resources, adjusted hours, and new policies, so they know how to reach you.

Donation button


  • Support local businesses
  • Offer the community options
  • Help those grieving by taking care of some of their needs
  • Build goodwill with your entire community by providing this valuable service

Flower sales dipped significantly in recent weeks. You can still give people a chance to show their support. Community members can now donate money to families in place of flowers. Let them select from various options such as local restaurants, charities, etc. 

Facebook Live video

  • Allow community members to view a service from the comfort of their home
  • Increase the number of people who can view
  • Post live videos that have been saved and those who miss the service can watch a later date

Share a funeral service online with those who can't attend. Take advantage of this feature in the Facebook app and post the live recording to your page once the service is finished.


Free text messages


  • Reach your families right away
  • Stay in touch with your community's needs
  • Share pertinent information without raising a finger with our automated system
  • Be the source of information for those who don't have social media

Better connect with your families using our free, automated text notification system for Facebook Live events, future services, or any other events or messages you need to send.

Webinars and video tutorials


  • Receive up-to-date information
  • Discover the latest trends in the industry and learn what is working for other firms
  • Learn about different digital marketing topics through an interactive webinar experience
  • Watch us step you through a new process such as learning how to set up and use Facebook Live

Visit our YouTube channel for video tutorials and webinars to help you troubleshoot your marketing strategy before, during, and after this pandemic. We help funeral homes navigate all aspects of their digital marketing.

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